Healthy and Delicious

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We provide a type of food that can be delicious and at the same time healthy. Our cuisine offers vegetarian food to our customers for a better diet.

Everywhere you see there’s a fast food restaurant offering a poor diet. We want to give our customers a better alternative. Many people think eating healthy means sacrificing tasty food, but the truth is that eating healthy can be a wonderful experience if you know how to use healthy ingredients to properly to prepare a delicious meal. Luckily, for you we are experts in preparing delicious and healthy meals that taste exactly like what you are used to eating already but without any the health risk.

Gift Cards Available

Gift Card

Gift cards are now available for purchase. This a great gift for anyone you know who wants to try something new, healthy and delicious.

Meal of the Day

Entomatado de asada 8.95
Soy steak served on a tomatillo and chipotle sauce
Guisado de chile guajillo y cacahuate 8.95
Soy steak served on a peanut and guajillo pepper sauce
Fajitas 8.95
Soy chicken or steak
Nopales con asada en salsa verde 8.95
Soy steak with cactus served on green sauce
Alambres 8.95
Soy steak mixed with soy bacon, colored bell peppers and onions
Sample food